Skookum Monkey Has a New Look

You may or may not notice, but Skookum Monkey has received a long overdue facelift.

On top of a brand new Skookum Monkey designed and built themed, we changed the shopping cart system. The change in ecommerce plugin should help with the overall integrity and speed of the site.

Don’t remember what the old website looked like? Before switching things up, we downloaded a few PDFs of the old site.

Click each image to view a larger view. Or, click the caption to view the entire PDF.

The old site was a theme that we purchased and heavily customised. But, no matter how much we tweaked the CSS, certain elements wouldn’t cooperate they way we wanted.

We hope you like the new design.

Do you want your own custom WordPress theme built? We can do that for you.

Stay skookum!

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