While Skookum Monkey would love to give you everything your heart desires, there are a few things we simply won’t do. We believe in creating experiences that favour the person using your site and following best practices. To help you decide if hiring Skookum Monkey is a good fit for you, here is a list of things Skookum Monkey won’t do:

Skookum Monkey won’t add intrusive media to your website, such as autoplay sound.


The user should always have control over how they interact with your content. We will not add any adverts to your site that has autoplay sound, nor will we add any videos to your site that has autoplay sound. We can add autoplay content but it will always be without sound, allowing the user to decide when they want to watch or listen to the content.


Skookum Monkey won’t add “Sign Up Now!” type popups or advert popups as soon as the user hits your page.


Yes, it is very important to get people on your mailing lists. But a large number of people will automatically close your page if the content they are trying to read is automatically blocked by any sort of popup.


Instead, we offer two different solutions: 1) Popups that appear once the user scrolls a minimum of 3/4 down the page; or 2) Popups that appear after the user spends 30 seconds on the page.


Skookum Monkey won’t develop or design any content that does not have the mobile-user first in mind, with one exception.


Mobile use of the Internet will soon dominate how users interact with websites. So Skookum Monkey keeps that in mind with anything we design and develop. All of the themes Skookum Monkey develops are responsive.


If you want us to create something that doesn’t work on mobile, we simply won’t do it, with one exception: If we are adding content to your current theme and the theme is not responsive, we will work with you on a layout and design solution that will not be totally frustrating to the user.


Skookum Monkey won’t game SEO.


If you hire Skookum Monkey to help with your SEO, we will only create relevant content that is useful to the person visiting your website. We won’t add links used my some to game the system. We won’t write content that does not build your brand. Improving SEO takes time, patience, and quality content. Trying to game the system will only drive potential clients away and penalize your SERP results.


Skookum Monkey won’t accept late payments.


Payment structures and deadlines differ depending on the service(s) you purchase. Website hosting works on a subscription basis and automatic renewal reminders go out on a timely basis. If your hosting renewal is not paid, then your hosting is automatically suspended.


If you hire Skookum Monkey to design and develop a website, then a 25% deposit is required before work starts. The final design will not be delivered until you have said you are 100% satisfied with the design and the remaining fee is paid in full. All theme designs are developed on Skookum Monkey’s servers and will not be transferred until final payment is made.


If you are a non-profit organization, we will develop a theme for you with a payment plan. If payment is consistently late, we will remove our theme from your site. But, we will not leave you completely stranded. We will turn on one of WordPress’ default themes and make sure the site is still functional.


If you hire Skookum Monkey on an hourly basis for things like content creation, SEO, changes to your existing WordPress theme, payment is due on receipt of invoice. If you are consistently late with payments, then Skookum Monkey will end the contract.


If you hire Skookum Monkey for one-time services for things like installing plugins, installing WordPress, and WordPress tutorials, payment is due before services are rendered.


Skookum Monkey won’t work with clients who actively fight against our judgment and recommendations.


It is fine to ask questions about why we make certain recommendations. We are happy to explain the reasoning behind them so that you understand how it is beneficial to both you and the person who will be interacting with your website. That said, we won’t create junk just because you’ve seen it somewhere else. If you are constantly fighting against our recommendations and don’t want to follow industry best-practices, then Skookum Monkey is not the company for you. We will not create something that will potentially hurt your branding and ours.


Skookum Monkey won’t remove a link to our website from the footer of themes we develop and design.


In order to continue to do business, Skookum Monkey needs to be seen. Part of that means we take credit for our work. Our branding is non-intrusive. It’s simply one line beside the footer copyright that states, “Site designed by Skookum Monkey”, with the words “Skookum Monkey” linked.


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