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Can’t find a WordPress theme that suits your needs? One of our Skookum Monkeys can build a WordPress theme custom design specific to you.

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Can’t find a WordPress theme that suits your needs? One of our Skookum Monkeys can build a WordPress theme custom design specific to you, or you can purchase one of our demos.

Check Out Some Of Our Design Examples:


Custom WordPress Theme Development Rates

Skookum Monkey will be more than happy to design and develop the perfect WordPress theme to suit your needs. All of our custom themes are a flat rate, based on various elements and add-ons. We build your theme with a variety of pick-and-pay elements, specific to your needs. You will never be surprised with cost when time comes to pay your final invoice.

The basic fee structure is as follows:

  • The base price is $600.00. If you want the same layout for every page, then that is it. This includes licences to any premium plugins we may use.
  • For each additional unique layout, it costs an addition $200.00 per unique layout. These unique layouts also double as shared layouts that can be applied to specific pages and posts when creating new content. For most customers, one layout for the landing page and another layout for all inside pages is enough. Clarification on what “unique layout” means will be discussed during the initial consultation.
  • If your current website is not WordPress-based, then it’s $200.00 to add existing content (up to five pages) from your non-WordPress site to your new WordPress site. Adding additional pages cost $80 per page.
  • BuddyPress installation, setup, and design is an additional $200.00.
  • WooCommerce installation, setup, and design is an additional $200.00
  • Importing your old forums into BuddyPress and making sure it all works is $200.00.
  • Importing non-WooCommerce content into WooCommerce and making sure it all works is $200.00.

Also included in the above costs are:

  • Lifetime updates to the framework used to run your theme.
  • One year of support with your theme. This support begins once the final product is delivered and paid for. This support means: if you need any minor changes—fonts, colours, etc., less than 30 minutes—or something stops working, then we’ll fix it for free. Anything over 30 minutes, such as major architecture changes, will cost $40.00 per hour.
  • After one year of support, we can continue to provide support for $40.00 per hour, minimum one hour charged.
  • Custom documentation and one-on-one Skype tutorials, as requested.
  • Optional one year of free hosting.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The final product will not be considered delivered until you are completely satisfied.

Once your free consultation is over, you will be given the cost. That cost will never change unless you change your mind on a major element and a new price is negotiated.

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Setup of Skookum Monkey Demos Rates

Skookum Monkey has a number of demos that may just be perfect for your needs. Each demo costs $500.00 and the infrastructure comes as-is. With that cost, the following is included:

  • Installation of WordPress, the theme demo, and all plugins;
  • Any premium plugins the theme uses with a licence specific for your website;
  • All design elements (fonts, colours, etc.,) are customized to give your website a unique look and feel. Look at our demos as a blank canvas;
  • Adding all content provided by the customer;
  • Adding new pages as necessary;
  • If updating from an existing theme, we will make sure all content is formatted to fit the design of your theme;
  • Custom documentation to help you maintain and add content to your new theme;
  • Lifetime updates to the framework that runs your Skookum Monkey demo.

Once you are satisfied with the setup of your new theme, Skookum Monkey can continue providing services with our hourly-rate services.

If you want changes to the infrastructure of the demo, we can discuss cost during your initial consultation.

We will also install any requested plugins.

If you want any custom designed logos or header images, then please request a quote.

Please note, we currently do not make any code changes to WordPress plugins.

To discuss your customisation needs and to get a quote, please e-mail support.

3 reviews for WordPress Theme Custom Design

  1. Errol

    Skookum Monkey (SM) was there throughout the whole process and listened to our needs and implemented things we wanted. We would ask opinions and received professional answers, and any suggestions made were used in the final product.

    The support afterwards has also been awesome. If there are problems or we need things changed, we can tweet or email SM and get a timely response.

    I recommend SM whole-heartedly!

  2. Greg Stolze

    Very helpful, very patient. Moving over my old legacy site and updating it to current-day functionality was a lot less painful than I’d feared it would be. Definitely pleased with this company.


  3. fitzwllie (verified owner)

    We (GeekDad LLC) couldn’t have been happier with the service and the results. SM worked with us every step of the way, helping us combine two old sites (GeekDad and GeekMom) into a new one, adding overall functionality and aiding our design process to build something faster and cleaner. Highly recommended!

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