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We (GeekDad LLC) couldn’t have been happier with the service and the results. SM worked with us every step of the way, helping us combine two old sites (GeekDad and GeekMom) into a new one, adding overall functionality and aiding our design process to build something faster and cleaner. Highly recommended!
GeekDad LLC
I was extremely impressed with the level of service and skill Skookum Monkey demonstrated in helping me to produce a very high quality e-commerce website and one that I didn’t think was even possible with WordPress and Woocommerce. Their ability to solve complex issues that I was facing on my site and the patience and professionalism they showed far exceeded my expectations. I was also very happy with their flexibility in being available for me when I needed them and their response time was always excellent. What’s more they were able to achieve this within my budget. 10/10!
Spinfire USA
We are very impressed with the work Skookum Monkey (SM) has done on our website and social media plan. Skookum Monkey understands our business, presented and implemented a social media plan that is quickly showing positive results. SM is responsive, trustworthy and talented. SM has far exceeded our expectations.
Spirals Designs
Skookum Monkey (SM) was there throughout the whole process and listened to our needs and implemented things we wanted. We would ask opinions and received professional answers, and any suggestions made were used in the final product. The support afterwards has also been awesome. If there are problems or we need things changed, we can tweet or email SM and get a timely response. I recommend SM whole-heartedly!
Errol Elumir
Very helpful, very patient. Moving over my old legacy site and updating it to current-day functionality was a lot less painful than I’d feared it would be. Definitely pleased with this company.
Greg Stolze
I have been hosting my site with Skookum Monkey for over a year now with no issues. Host went above and beyond with helping me set up my site and support in general. Highly recommended, a ‘skookum’ hosting service indeed!
Gray Porter
Skookum Monkey has been hosting my site for a while now – every time I have had a question they have been fast with a response, and very patient. I recommend skookum monkey to anyone looking for web hosting!
B Beyea
Not only did Skookum Monkey save me from having to pony up a ridiculous amount of cash per month just to keep using my personal email account, they walked me through the entire process step-by-step so that I didn’t lose a single byte. Also, after trying, and failing, and panicking, when I tried to move my own site (which prompted me reaching out to them to begin with), it was an enormous relief to have everything transferred over for me. Long story short? I wouldn’t go back to my previous host if it was free. Plus – no downtime! Not even a hiccup since everything was spun up on their servers. SM has earned my loyalty.
Anthony Karcz
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