WordPress Multisite Hosting with Dedicated IP for Domain Mapping

From: CAD$100.00 / month

Some Benefits include:


  • — Premium WPMU Dev Plugins – a $49.00 USD/month value;
  • — Dedicated IP Address – a $2.50 CAD/month value;
  • — Over 400 Softaculous scripts – a $4.99 CAD/month value;
  • — A UCC SSL/TLS Certificate – a $20.00 CAD/month value;
  • — 200 GB of storage;
  • — Unlimited bandwidth;
  • — And more.


Full details below.




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If you are looking for a managed WordPress Multisite Hosting solution with a dedicated IP address for domain mapping, and UCC SSL, we have the solution. When you order a WordPress Multisite Hosting package with Skookum Monkey Hosting and Design you get:

WordPress Multisite Hosting Technical Details:

  • 200 GB storage space — 4x larger than our largest regular hosting package;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Premium WPMU Dev Plugins – a $49.00 USD/month value
  • Dedicated IP Address for Domain Mapping – a $2.50 CAD/month value
  • Unlimted FTP accounts;
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses*;
  • Unlimited e-mail lists;
  • Unlimited MySQL databases;
  • Unlimited subdomains**;
  • Unlimited domain aliases***;
  • Shell access;
  • CGI access;
  • PHP 7.0x with the ability to switch to other PHP versions, including PHP 7.1;
  • cPanel;
  • Over 400 Softaculous scripts — a $4.99 CAD/month value;
  • Free UCC SSL certificate**** — a $20.00 CAD/month value;
  • Free transfer from your existing host.

WordPress Multisite Hosting Support Details:

  • Installation of WordPress Multisite with subfolders for easiest configuration;
  • Automatic updates to WordPress core, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes;
  • Help setting up Domain Mapping and Aliases.

Add the Benefits of Supported WordPress Hosting for $25.00 CAD/month (normally $35.00 CAD/month):

*Unlimited e-mail addresses: A lot of website hosts limit email storage to 200 MB. When you sign up for a Skookum Monkey hosting plan, we never place a limit on your email storage. The only thing that limits that storage is your overall hosting storage. While you may be able to add unlimited email addresses, you may run out of storage.

**Unlimited subdomains: When we set up your hosting account, we will turn on the ability to add subdomains. However, we caution against adding them as it may interfere with your domain mapping.

***Unlimited domain aliases: Adding domain aliases does not interfere with your storage. However, there is a limit to how many domains can be added to the UCC SSL/TLC certificate.

****UCC SSL certificate: Your UCC SSL certificate only allows for 200 domain names. Every time you add an alias to your domain, it creates three extra domains on your certificate: mail.alias.com for email purposes, alias.com, and www.alias.com.

These are added on top your original domain which has seven different domains secured: mail.networkdomain.com, networkdomain.com, www.networkdomain.com, cpanel.networkdomain.com, webdisk.networkdomain.com, webmail.networkdomain.com, and autodiscover.networkdomain.com.

This totals 10 domains for your first two domains, leaving you 63 additional domains you can map to your WordPress Multisite network, for a total of 65 websites in one WordPress Multisite network with one certificate.

If you have questions about our WordPress Multisite Hosting package or any of our hosting packages, send us an email.


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