Corrina Lawson


Client: Corrina Lawson – Author
Launch Date: October 2017
Website: View Website

Corrina Lawson is an author, founding editor of, and freelance writer.

In 2017, Corrina Lawson hired Skookum Monkey to revamp her website using the Divi theme. Her old website had a number of issues. It wasn’t mobile-friendly. It didn’t have a portfolio option to showcase her books. It wasn’t SEO-friendly. And, generally, it needed to be better organized.

Skookum Monkey kept some of designed elements from the old site, namely colour, but created a new site that solved all of the pain points, while making it inviting, user-friendly, and a home page that highlights both her blog and her books. Skookum Monkey also did some SEO work during the build process. Instead of using one of Divi’s templates, we build a template specific of Corrina’s needs. We also created custom documentation to enable Corrina to update her website without any help.

Check out the gallery below for a couple before and after images of Corrina Lawson’s website.

Excellent theme and I was walked through the entire process.
Corrina Lawson