Skookum Monkey Hosting and Design

Big Business Solutions for Small Business Budgets

Established in 2012, Skookum Monkey Hosting and Design is dedicated to providing a variety of web services with a personal touch.

We specialize in offering big business solutions to fit your small business or personal budget. We are constantly upgrading our education and keeping up with industry best-practices in order to better serve our customers.

At Skookum Monkey, we understand that one size does not fit all. We take the time to understand your needs, wants, what is currently causing you pain, and we will come up with a solution that fits your budget. We take the time to really listen and learn about your brand before coming up with a cost-effective solution.

Our Skills

Event Management

CentOS Server Maintenance
WordPress Design and Development



Website Design and Development

Skookum Monkey Hosting and Design

Since 2012, we’ve been working with clients to create for them the websites of their dreams. With a policy of 100% satisfaction guaranteed, I do whatever it takes to ensure my clients are happy with their final product.


  • Communicating with clients to assess their infrastructure needs and design wishes
  • Delivering the final product in a timely fashion
  • Designing and developing WordPress sites
  • Working with clients to ensure their hosting needs are met
  • Content creation, SEO, social media, and social media marketing


  • Proficient with Headway framework
  • Evolving HTML and CSS skills
  • Interesting projects
  • Keeping up with web standards

Content Creator

Multiple Online Publications

Over the years, we’ve had to opportunity to create a lot of geeky content for different online publications. The demographics for these publications are all geeks and nerds, in all phases of their lives.


  • Creating original content to appeal to geek parents, SFF geeks, book geeks, DIY geeks, and science and tech nerds
  • Working with editors to brainstorm ideas
  • Providing all images while ensuring copyright is respected
  • Proving content within a deadine

Experience and Achievements:

  • Creating posts that receive over 100k pageviews
  • Writing content to appeal to geeks and nerds in various phases of their lives
  • Diversifying content
  • Writing quick articles about a trending or news-worthy topic while it’s still relevant





Whether you are looking for WordPress website design and development, content creation, help with your SEO, help with your social media and social media marketing, website hosting, help installing and setting up WordPress and WordPress plugins, one-on-one tutorials, help customizing your current WordPress theme, and more, we can help. We will also help you to identify areas that you may not realize need improvement and propose a plan to fix it.

Often, you will find us working into the wee hours of the morning in order to deliver 100% satisfaction. At Skookum Monkey, we are always happy to help. That is what we do because we think you are pretty skookum.

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