Skookum Monkey Gets Another (Slight) Facelift and Other Changes

(click on the images, then “View full size” for a good comparison)

Once again, we’ve given Skookum Monkey a slight facelift. Mostly just font changes, and a couple layout changes. But, they make a huge difference. Plus, we’ve added some new functionality to the site, which will benefit both admins and customers.

Please take a few moments to poke around the site. I’m pretty sure I’ve changed all the necessary font elements, but it’s always nice to have another pair of eyes to catch things I may have failed to notice.

It’s hard to believe that this was once the way Skookum Monkey looked, before we created a custom theme for ourselves. (Don’t forget, we can build you a custom theme to suit your unique needs.)

New Functionality

Now, when you browse the shop, you’ll see a “Starting at” costs, instead of a prices displayed in a range. Also, when you visit a product and choose an option, you’ll now see how much you’ll save per option.

Also, now when you purchase a SHOUTCast or website hosting package, you will receive automatic reminders when your package is about to expire—where you can choose to renew. Customers also have a two week grace period once their plan expires. (Existing customers will have to create a new purchase in order to benefit from these new additions.)

When you access your account page, you’ll also have the option to manually renew your server, suspend, or cancel.

And of course, all your purchases, account information, etc., are secured.

We hope all of our recent changes will give you a better experience. And, if you feel so inclined, please leave your feedback, including other areas you wish to see improvement.

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