Jetpack Stats Now Integrated in Posts and Pages Sections in the WordPress Dashboard

Jetpack StatsImagine our surprise, followed by joy, when we noticed that there is a Jetpack Stats link per post and page when looking at the respective indexes inside of the WordPress dashboard.

Because we have everything set up to automatically update, there can be times where we go days without noticing changes — despite spending every day inside of various WordPress dashboards. We don’t always know something has updated because it happens overnight and we never see the update notice. This also means not having a chance to check the changelog before the update takes place.

(There really needs to be email notifications with changelog links when plugins automatically update, like there is for the automatic WordPress core updates. But, that is a different matter for another day.)

When we finally saw the new Jetpack Stats column today, of course we exclaimed, “How long has that been there?! This better not be another thing where it took us weeks to notice a change to something we use every day!” Of course, there was laughter involved, as we quickly head over to read the Jetpack changelog. Good, we’ve only gone two days without noticing this stats feature that WordPress users have been asking for, for a very long time.

Jetpack has also added some other enhancements, but this is the one that we’re most happy about!

What Happens When You Click the Jetpack Stats Graph in the Posts/Pages Dashboard?

When you click the stats graph, a new tab opens in which contains the completely history of your post or page! More accurately, it shows the complete history dating back to when you installed Jetpack and connected it to your account.

Jetpack stats of a single post

What Kinds of Information Do You Get Per Post Inside the New Jetpack Stats?

The Jetpack Stats per post / page screen contains the following statistics breakdowns:

  • At-a-glace graph that can be sorted by Days, Weeks, Months, and Years
  • Post Likes (you need to have “Likes” turned on in Jetpack’s Sharing settings)
  • Months and Years table
  • Average per day table; broken down per month
  • Recent Weeks table: 5.5 weeks

I Don’t See This New Jetpack Stats Column. Now What?

  1. Do you have Jetpack installed? If not, then do so. Jetpack is on our list of must-have plugins for a lot of reasons.
  2. If you have Jetpack installed, have you updated to version 4.7? If not, what are you waiting for?

Are You Really Excited About this new Jetpack Stats Column?

Yes! Very much so! Truly! We’ll tell you why!

One of our clients has over 200 authors. We can’t give everyone access to Google Analytics, but we can give them access to Jetpack Stats. Very often, we get questions about historical stats, which means jumping through all sorts of hoops to find them in Jetpack, or taking time out to find the information in Google Analytics. For years, clients have seriously been asking, “When will they implement stats in our published posts area? This would be such a great function!”

But even if your site doesn’t have 200 authors and it’s just a handful of people, or just you, having this extra convenience is truly a cause for much joy for us today!

Back to the site with over 200 authors, it’s now super easy to get basic statistical information about posts. If the author does not have a account, all the author has to do is:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Log into the self-hosted WordPress site that has Jetpack installed and enabled
  3. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Jetpack -> Jetpack
  4. Click the “Connect” button and follow the rest of the simple steps

If the blog for which you write has yet to update to Jetpack 4.7, you can still see the stats for individual posts:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “View all” in the ‘Posts & Pages’ column
  3. Click “All time”
  4. Ctrl+F to search for the Post title
  5. When you’ve found the post title, click the link to see the breakdown of the stats as above
  6. Bug your site’s admin to update soon, please and thank you!

If the blog doesn’t have Jetpack, bug them to install it ASAP.

Does this change also make you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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