5 Reasons to Host Your WordPress (or Other) Site With Skookum Monkey

Finding a host for your website can be difficult. Everyone has their recommendations. There are a lot of website hosts out there who have been around for a long time, and have a lot of clients, so they are considered trusted. Switching to a hosting service like Skookum Monkey can, understandably, come with some reservations. Because of our size, Skookum Monkey offers a personalized touch when it comes to hosting your website. Below are five reasons to host your WordPress–or other–site with Skookum Monkey; services you may not find elsewhere.

1. Automatic Updates to WordPress Core and WordPress Repository Plugins

Whether you choose our Assisted WordPress Hosting package, or choose one of our Basic Hosting packages and install WordPress yourself via our easy Softaculous installer in cPanel, we make it easy for you to keep your site secure and up-to-date, leaving you more time to create content and less time worrying about security.

2. Help Transferring Your Website

If you are switching your hosting to Skookum Monkey, then we’ll transfer all of your data for you. We will also walk you through backing up your current email and moving them to your Skookum Monkey hosting environment, if you are using domain email addresses instead of a service like Gmail. We can even walk you through moving your email from Gmail to your domain email, and vice versa.

Not only did Skookum Monkey save me from having to pony up a ridiculous amount of cash per month just to keep using my personal email account, they walked me through the entire process step-by-step so that I didn’t lose a single byte. Also, after trying, and failing, and panicking, when I tried to move my own site (which prompted me reaching out to them to begin with), it was an enormous relief to have everything transferred over for me. Long story short? I wouldn’t go back to my previous host if it was free. Plus – no downtime! Not even a hiccup since everything was spun up on their servers. SM has earned my loyalty.
Anthony Karcz

3. Extra WordPress Help

We are WordPress experts and offer a variety of personalized paid WordPress services. But, we also offer some free services to our clients, like theme and plugin recommendations. It’s as easy as sending us an email. We can also quickly answer your questions about anything WordPress or point you to videos and other resources. We are also currently doing a WordPress basics newsletter series to help you make better use of your website.

You can say goodbye to call centers, impersonal email responses, or being told to visit WordPress forums for help.

4. Email Storage Is Only Limited By Hosting Package

A lot of website hosts limit email storage to 200 MB. When you sign up for a Skookum Monkey hosting plan, we never place a limit on your email storage. The only thing that limits that storage is your overall hosting storage.

5. Personalized Services

This point may be already obvious based on the above, but we do offer a more personalized touch. It’s always just an email away. There are a lot of hosting companies that offer WordPress services, but the support isn’t always there when needed or it’s very generic. It’s really easy from a hosting perspective to setup automatic updates to WordPress core and plugins. It’s easy for the hosting provider to install a plugin. But, how well do they know WordPress? Are the able to make recommendations? At Skookum Monkey, we can because we’ve spent years using WordPress and developing WordPress websites, so we know the ins and outs.

But, with Skookum Monkey, you’re not limited to just WordPress. Each hosting package comes with Softaculous, allowing you to easily install a variety of different services to help you build and manage your website.

Skookum Monkey has been hosting my site for a while now – every time I have had a question they have been fast with a response, and very patient. I recommend Skookum Monkey to anyone looking for web hosting!
B Beyea

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to answer your questions about Skookum Monkey hosting packages or any other service we offer.

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